Louisiana Department of Revenue

Louisiana Department of Revenue address is 617 North Third Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821, the main phone number is 225-219-7462 but you may also use the following LDR phone numbers:

LDR Main Number: 225-219-7462
Call Center – Business Taxes Phone Number: (225) 219-7462
Call Center – Individual Income Phone Number: (225) 219-0102
Application and Business Registration Phone Number: (225) 219-7462
Louisiana Taxpayer Access Point (LaTAP) Phone Number: (225) 219-7462
Contractor Registration Phone Number: (225) 219-7462
Corporation Income & Franchise Tax Phone Number: (225) 219-7462
Excise Taxes Phone Number: (225) 219-7656
Louisiana Truck Center Phone Number: (225) 922-0548
Inheritance and Gift Taxes Phone Number: (225) 219-0102
Automated Individual Income Refund Inquiry Phone Number: (225) 922-3270 or 1-888-829-3071 (toll free)
Sales Tax Phone Number: (225) 219-7462
Severance Tax Phone Number: (225) 219-7656
Withholding Tax Phone Number: (225) 219-7462
General Information Phone Number: (225) 219-7462
Tax Forms (Income Tax) Phone Number: (225) 219-2113
Telecommunications Device for Deaf (TDD) Phone Number: (225) 219-2114
Alcohol and Tobacco Control Phone Number: (225) 925-4041

Louisiana Department of Revenue Fax Number: (225) 231-6221

What is Louisiana Department of Revenue Phone Number?

Louisiana Department of Revenue Phone Number where you can call for talk to a real person at LDR office is 225-219-7462

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Louisiana Department of Revenue Mailing Address

Below is Louisiana Department of Revenue address for either sending official mail or visit Louisiana Department of Revenue offices:

Agency: Louisiana Department of Revenue
Street: 617 North Third Street
City: Baton Rouge
State: Louisiana
ZIP Code: 70821

What services and information are provided by Louisiana Department of Revenue?

Louisiana Department of Revenue is Louisiana state taxation & revenue agency that provides services including:

* Administers tax laws
* Enforces laws and regulations
* Performs motor vehicle tag and title administration
* State Revenue Statistics and Reports
* Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate
* Tax & Industry Guides
* Taxpayer Bill of Rights
* Information and Records Requests
* Tax Protests and Appeals
* Property Tax Appeals
* Alcohol and Tobacco Hearings
* Tax Refunds & Debts
* Tax Programs
* Special Taxes & Fees
* Tax Permits
* Filing & Paying Taxes, Fees, Remittances
* Proposed Rules
* Public Meetings
* Regulatory Plans

Louisiana Department of Revenue Department of Revenue Collections Procedures
Watch this video to learn about Louisiana Department of Revenue Department of Revenue’s collection procedures:

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